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About Virtual Studio Meet

Welcome to Virtual Studio Meet (VSM), a place for artists and collectors to connect directly. VSM is a social networking platform dedicated to collaboration, comradery and support between artists so that they can better pursue their practice. VSM is also a site where virtual reality can flourish. It has been such an honor to program the first Claremont Graduate University MFA Virtual Open Studios and test pilot it on the VSM platform. VSM was indirectly born through a need to have a space to launch the CGU Virtual Open Studios that ACC Studios designed, but it will live on independently. It is our hope to expand the VSM platform in the future through partnerships with other educational entities.

About Ashleigh Clayton

Ashleigh Clayton is an independent artist currently pursuing her MFA at Claremont Graduate University. After a long educational career that resulted in multiple master’s degrees, Ash choose to return to the fine arts. She also owns and operates her own small business, ACC Studios. ACC Studios started out as primarily a commercial photography business and evolved to include Ash’s various interests of Fine Art, 3D Design/Modeling, Photography and Costume Design.

About CGU MFA Virtual Open Studios Tour

The CGU MFA Virtual Open Studios was born from the coronavirus pandemic. I noticed how disappointed my classmates all were at the loss of our studios and I saw an opportunity to do something about it. What started out as a silly video game I programmed for the Installation Class grew into something much larger, encompassing the whole school within the game. The project has been challenging but rewarding. In the span of roughly three months I built and programmed the CGU campus into a fully functioning first person video game. While it has not entirely made up for the loss of our studios for the interim, it has given me something to do in the meantime and hopefully raised the spirits of my classmates. Thankfully, I was supported by several of my classmates throughout the project. I am grateful for the help from Zafi, Amanda and Jess, their assistance as a promotional team has been invaluable. It is one of the largest volunteer projects I have ever undertaken but I have gained valuable knowledge throughout the project and can’t wait to keep programing after it has concluded.

                                                                                         Ashleigh Clayton

                                                                         Owner, ACC Studios